2020 Student Award Nomination Form

2020 Student Award Nomination Form

Thank you for taking the time to submit a nomination for the 2020 Student Awards. The purpose of the annual awards are to acknowledge those who are exemplifying excellence at CPTC.

This year, in effort to limit the spread of COVID-19, we will not conduct a physical ceremony in honor of the award recipients and nominees. We will still conduct the nomination and selection process with intention to acknowledge our honorees.

Despite the name, 'Student Awards' STUDENTS, FACULTY and STAFF are recognized through this process, by your nominations.

Please fill out this entire form to complete your nomination. Refer to: www.cptc.edu/student-awards for any details and criteria of each award. Please be specific about the accomplishments, efforts and successes of your nominee. We encourage you to give as much detail as possible since the committee will (most likely) only know the nominee through the provided materials.

You may nominate as many individuals as you'd like. PLEASE SUBMIT A SEPARATE FORM FOR EACH NOMINATION.

If you have questions or concerns about the nomination process, please contact Story Gilmore at story.gilmore@cptc.edu

The Deadline to submit nominations is MONDAY, MAY 11, 2020!

If we do not receive enough participation, we will not confer these awards this year.