College Departments 2020-2021 S&A: $10,000 & Below

College Departments 2020-2021 S&A: $10,000 & Below

On a case-by-case basis, college departments and programs that support student success may be eligible to apply for funding through the annual Services & Activities (S&A) Fee budgeting process. Dollars allocated during this current budgeting process must be spent between July 1, 2019-June 30, 2021.

The budgeting process for college departments and programs requesting $10,000 and below changed two years ago. Keep reading to learn more.

You asked for less paperwork and we listened. Beginning with budgets.

The Department of Student Life in partnership with the ASG has restructured the annual request process to minimize the amount of additional hoops required of budget requestors.

Budget process overview
The budget form is broken into four categories: contact information, organization overview, budget breakdown and supplemental materials (if applicable). The supplied information is intended to educate the budget committee about your budget request. Please answer to the best of your ability.

What can be funded?
Programs and initiatives that create ways to involve and connect students to resources, support services, leadership development opportunities, student governance, on campus employment, and campus organizations have all been funded by S&A funds.

Who can apply for funding?
Student organizations recognized by the Associated Student Government (ASG), personnel directly related to the operation of student funded programs and initiatives, and college departments/programs that support student success. The Financial Code of the Associated Students has additional information about the permissible use of funds and limitations.

December 18: Budget requests available
February 7: Deadline to submit 2019-2020 budget requests
February 28: Initial allocation decision
March 2: Appeal hearings (if needed)
March 9: Budget adoption at Student Council Meeting*

*Allocation is unofficial and subject to change until Board of Trustees approval in June.

Do I need to attend a budget hearing?
Unless the budget committee wants you to share more about the request, you will not be required to attend a budget hearing. The budget committee will make an initial allocation decision based on the submitted materials and notify you of their initial allocation no later than Friday, February, 28, 2020.

Submission deadline
The deadline to complete this request is Friday, February 7, 2020 at 3p.

More information about the committee, student fees, governing documents and past expenditures from can be accessed online.

What are Services and Activities Fees?
More information about the committee, student fees, governing documents and past expenditures from can be accessed online.

If you have additional questions, who should I contact?
Please contact Cal Erwin-Svoboda at or 253-589-5644.

  • 1Contact Information> 2Budget Overview> 3Budget Request> 4Supplemental Materials
  • Contact Information

    The budget committee will contact this individual by email to share updates/information about this budget request.

  • What student club are you submitting this budget request on behalf of?

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